About Idaho's Health Priorities Conference

On May 29-31, 2024, diverse partners, including healthcare, public health, community advocacy, government academia, and multicultural leaders from across Idaho will unite in a collaborative effort with a shared mission to promote, protect, and improve the overall health and wellbeing of all Idahoans. The conference will focus on improving population health through strategic alliances and elevating the voices of disproportionately affected communities.

There is an elevated need to acknowledge and actively engage in efforts to address disparities within Idaho’s disproportionately affected communities. These disparities encompass various dimensions, including, but not limited to, multicultural, multigenerational, rural, and remote communities. The existence of these health disparities has prevented many of Idaho’s populations from achieving optimal health. Attendees will dive into collaborative action, designed to engage, innovate, and inspire transformational change.


Conference goals and tracks


  • Engage participants in an immersive learning experience to promote a shared understanding and identify opportunities for collaborative action.

  • Facilitate discussions on community-based health indicators and other population health priorities.

  • Provide participants with the information and tools needed to implement transformational practices to address the root causes of health disparities.


  • Mental and Behavioral Health: Diseases of Despair (substance use, suicide), Obesity/Health Lifestyle, Behavioral Health Services for Youth, Mental Health Education and Support, Risk Behavior (sexual, substance use)
  • Social & Economic Health: Family and Social Support, Access to Childcare, Affordable Childcare, Livable Wage
  • Physical Place, Environment, and Health: Housing and Transit, Affordable Housing, Transportation Access, High Cost of Living, Climate and Environment, Persons with Disabilities, Healthy Homes
  • Multigenerational Health: Care Across the Continuum of Aging, Independent Living, Social Connection 

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