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HIV, STD, & Hepatitis Section

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Idaho HIV, STD, and Hepatitis Section
Phone: 208-334-5612
FAX:    208-332-7346

How to reduce your risk of contracting HIV or an STD:

1) Practice Abstinence - The best way to avoid contracting HIV or an STD is to not engage in sexual activity (vaginal, oral or anal sex).

2)  Limit the number of sexual partners – When in a relationship agree to have sex only with your partner who also agrees to have sex only with you AND both partners get tested for HIV and STDs.

3) Get Tested - It’s important to know that many STDs don’t have symptoms and can lead to health problems, so talk with your health care provider or local public health department to schedule an appointment.

4)  Use Protection – Use a condom each and every time you engage in sexual activity (vaginal, oral or anal sex). Learn more about condoms

5)  Get Vaccinated - Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common STD that can be prevented by a vaccine. HPV is extremely common and there are many different types, many of which can cause health problems including genital warts and cancers. Learn more about HPV  

6)  Avoid alcohol and recreational drug use – Alcohol and drug use reduces your ability to make good decisions when it comes to engaging in sexual activity. It also increases your risk of contracting an STD, having an unwanted pregnancy, or being coerced into having sex when you did not want to. Do not share needles. You can get infections by sharing needles.

Let’s Talk about Sexual Health is a 5-minute video to help you talk with your health care provider and/or your partner about sexual health. 

Quiz: How's Your Sexual Health? And other good sexual health information.

To Learn more about HIV and STD prevention please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at