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LRN-C & Sentinel Labs

IBL provides chemical threat testing services solely in support of public health and safety activities. The laboratory does not accept samples from private individuals or organizations.

Through the CDC Public Health Emergency Preparedness Cooperative Agreement, IBL's Laboratory Response Network for Chemical Threats (LRN-C) lab trains a network of Idaho sentinel labs to collect and ship clinical specimens and also provides chemistry consultation to health care professionals.

As an LRN-C Level 2 confirmatory laboratory, IBL's LRN-C lab analyzes clinical specimens (blood and urine) for the presence of toxic chemical agents, utilizing GC-MS, ICP-MS, and LC-MS/MS instrumentation. These methods can be applied to matrices such as food and personal care products.

It is highly recommended that you consult the Bureau’s Sampling and Submission Guide for a complete list of tests that are performed at IBL as well as information on sample collection, storage, handling procedures, and rejection criteria. Samples must be received in appropriate packaging.

Samples must be accompanied by the proper submission form for the test requested. Links to sample submission forms can be found below. These forms may be printed and used for submission. If the form you need is not on the list or if you are unsure of the form you need, please call 208-334-2235.

Contact Information

Chemistry Section Manager: 
     Ernie Bader 
     (208) 334-0590
     (208) 334-4765 (fax)

Emergency Activation Through StateComm, 1-800-632-8000