Promoting and protecting the health and safety of all Idahoans

North Idaho Community Engagement Summit (NICES)

North Idaho College and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare are grateful for your partnership and participation at the North Idaho Community Engagement Workgroup: Building Bridges to Prevent Violence.

By participating in this summit, you represented your organization and worked toward identifying the first steps to a systems of change community-based model of support in North Idaho.

Information gleaned from this summit will be used to develop an in-depth strategic plan to address generational violence and toxic stress in your community.

The goal of the North Idaho Community Engagement Workgroup is to identify opportunities of partnership between North Idaho College and cross-functional organizations in surrounding communities that possess the potential to collaborate and build stronger systems of safety and support for Idahoans.

Next Steps

Logic Model & Implementation Plan

Representatives from North Idaho College and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare used report and data collected that the Summit July 10, 2017 to develop an implementation plan and logic model for how to move forward with this project in Atlanta in Summer 2017. As a result, we believe that continuing this conversation in smaller workgroups is the best way to ensure follow through from what was discussed at the summit. Please email Katy Palmer,, with any questions or concerns you have about the logic model or implementation plan.

Workgroup Opportunities

In order to achieve the desired outcomes identified at the summit, SVP believes several workgroups ought to be established in order to increase engagement and foster an environment in which community members and organizations identify, adapt or develop a prevention strategy that meets the needs of the community of which you belong. 

Below are preliminary suggestions of the description and purpose of each workgroup. Ideally, workgroups will identify their own statement of purpose, timeline, and activities in collaboration with SVP. Please email Lynn Covey,, if you are interested in participating in one of the workgroups. 

Communication Workgroup: The Communication Workgroup will identify key prevention messages that a social marketing campaign will be centered around. Further, the Communication Workgroup will work in collaboration with the Partnerships and Sustainability Workgroup to identify methods to engage community partners in prevention initiatives.

Partnerships and Sustainability Workgroup: The Partnerships and Sustainability Workgroup will conduct a network analysis to identify what prevention strategies already exist in North Idaho (Boundary, Bonner, Kootenai, Benewah, and Shoshone Counties), and where opportunity exists to complement or strengthen efforts. The Partnerships and Sustainability Workgroup will also develop a strategic plan to identify how a community-based prevention program will be sustained over time, and collaborate with the Communication Workgroup to communicate with community partners in meaningful ways.