Idaho Child Care Program

The Idaho Child Care Program (ICCP) serves families with children under the age of 13 or over 13 if a child has a disability, providing child care assistance to working families by paying for a portion of child care. The parent’s share is based on the size of the family and the amount of their income.

Qualify for child care assistance

We help Idaho families with child care so parents can work, complete job training, or finish school. You may qualify for child care assistance if you have children and are doing one of the following:

  • Working
  •  Attending school or undergraduate school (online not accepted) 
  • Participating in job training
  • Participating in the Temporary Assistance for Families in Idaho (TAFI) program

Parents pay a portion of the child care, called a “copay or copayment,” directly to the child care provider. We use the following information to determine how much the state will pay to the child care provider:

  • Number of hours parents are working, in school, or participating in approved activities
  • Household income
  • State rate based on the age of the child, type of care, and location of the provider

Eligibility: Households must meet certain eligibility and income requirements to receive ICCP benefits.

Mother playing with daughter in sandbox
Idaho Child Care Program brochure
Amount of child care assistance

A portion of the cost of child care can be covered by the Idaho Child Care Program. Most parents will have to pay a copay, and any child care amounts exceeding the program limit.

Childcare provider playing with toddlers
Child care co-pay chart

Child care information for providers

This page provides information about who needs to be licensed to become a child care provider as well as the process to receive that license.
Resources are available to Idaho licensed child care providers to either complete the required Continuing Education Credits or participate in the Professional Development Program.
Child care providers can find helpful resources and information on this site that will support licensing requirements as well as improve quality of care in a facility.