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 Idaho Oral Health Action Plan: 2015-2020

 NEW! Idaho Smile Survey 2017 Report (also you can view the Idaho Smile Survey 2013 Report)

 The Burden of Oral Disease in Idaho: 2014

 Idaho Dental Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) - Service Areas

*MAP includes both Geographic HPSAs and Population Group HPSAs:

HPSAs are federal designations which identify and indicate geographic areas or populations with a deficit in primary care services within medical, dental, and mental health categories.

Geographic area HPSAs are measured as a shortage of providers for the entire population within a defined geographic area.  Population group HPSAs are measured as a shortage of providers for a specific population group(s) within a defined geographic area (e.g., low income, migrant farmworkers, and other groups).

HPSA designations are used as an eligibility requirement for many programs and resources available to providers.  For more information contact The Bureau of Rural Health and Primary Care, Division of Public Health, Department of Health and Welfare.  This program develops and coordinates all HPSA designation applications in partnership with the Idaho communities and the Department of Health and Human Services.