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The EMS for Children section has moved from this site to the TSE main site. Click here to reach the EMSC section.

TSE has also added a TSE EMS Designation section to their site. Click here to reach TSE EMS Designation. 

Hello, Site Surveyor applicants! There has been a significant number of applications submitted to the Bureau for the new Site Surveyor positions. The completed applications will be reviewed and scored by a team that will make the final selections. The first phase of this selection process should be completed by the end of February to select surveyors for the Eastern Idaho regions who will be attending the training on March 12-13. The other regions will follow shortly after, based on the dates of the regional scheduled training days. If your application is in “Pending Bureau Review” status, then it has been received and WILL be reviewed by the selection team. No other activity or information is required from the applicants once the application has been submitted. We request a little patience as we process them. Thank you!

Policy Clarification - Agency Transfer Declaration

Policy Clarification - Transfer Operations (Lights & Sirens)

NREMT Age Requirements Change Letter:

Dear EMS Educators,

Below is a message from Bill Seifarth, the Executive Director at the NREMT regarding the removal of the age requirement for NREMT certification:
The National Registry’s Board of Directors recently passed a Resolution to remove the age requirement for National EMS Certification. The Board found that determination of the appropriate age for licensure is a matter of state authority and that a number of states license EMS professionals under the age of 18.

The National Registry had a public comment period and have addressed the responses we received. We are happy to report that on October 1, 2019, candidates under the age of 18 will be eligible for National EMS Certification, pending successful completion of the other certification requirements. 


Bill Seifarth

Executive Director

If you have students who are less 16 or 17 years old, they will sign up for the certification exam when signing up on the NREMT site and NO LONGER sign up for the assessment exam.

Students who have already passed their assessment exams and need to get their results transferred to a certification must do the following:

Create an application (but do not pay for it)
The program will need to verify the course completion
The State will verify the psychomotor exam
After all these steps have been completed - the applicant must email ( or call the NREMT and request transfer of the assessment application results to the regular application

Please feel free to call our office or the NREMT with any questions.