More Provider Resources

Key contacts, best practices, provider manuals, important forms, and other resources for certified family home (CFH) providers. 

Provider Manual

The Provider Manual contains all requirements to be a Certified Family Home Provider. 



Below you will find links to all the necessary forms to remain in compliance with your provider license. 

Provider contacts



Name Role Office
Steven L. Millward     CFH Program Manager 1-208-334-0706
  CFH Technical Records Specialist 1-208-334-0711
Bonnie Rice CFH Administrative Assistant 1-208-334-0703
Lynette Palmer Region 1 CFH Specialist 1-208-665-8807
Kim Cole Region 2 CFH Specialist 1-208-799-4438  
Sandy Arnold Region 3 CFH Specialist 1-208-455-7120
Carrie Rambeau Region 3 CFH Specialist 1-208-455-7120
Laura Gomez
Region 4 CFH Specialist 1-208-334-0700
Debra Gould Region 4 CFH Specialist 1-208-334-0700
Nora Gonzalez Region 5 CFH Specialist  1-208-732-1515
Geneva Johnson Region 6 CFH Specialist 1-208-239-6249
Josh Prigmore Region 7 CFH Specialist 1-208-528-5721
Jana Brasier Region 7 CFH Specialist  1-208-528-5721 
Region Locator
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