Certification and Recertification

On this page, find out how to get certified to care for an adult Medicaid or private pay resident who lives with you. Access key resources relating to certification as a Certified Family Home (CFH) provider and annual recertification. Certification is required when a paid caregiver also provides housing to the vulnerable adult for whom they provide care.

Customer information is available under Services and Programs. 

A multi-step process

There are multiple steps involved in getting started as a provider.

Initial Certification
  1.     Complete and submit Application Part A.
  2.     After Application Part A is approved, pay the non-refundable $150 application fee
  3.     Attend a New Provider Orientation (NPO) session. NPO roster is finalized a week before the class is held. Classes are held quarterly.
  4.     Clear a DHW criminal history background check. (Use Pay Code Z6NGS.)
  5.     Certify in first aid and adult CPR by demonstrating skills to a live instructor. 
  6.     Complete the "CFH Basic Medication Awareness and Infection Control" course through an Idaho technical college. 
  7.     Undergo required home inspections (see Application Part B for details). 
  8.     Complete and submit Application Part B.
  9.     Pass an initial certification study to achieve your Certified Family Home Certificate.
Enrollment as a Medicaid provider

Contact Medicaid about the enrollment process. 

Authorization/Resident Plan of Care

If you have questions about authorizations or need direction concerning a resident's Plan of Care, please contact your regional Medicaid office.

Paying CFH Fees
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Vacancy List
Contact any provider on the vacancy report in the area where you would like your loved one to live. After finding a good fit, the provider will submit the appropriate paperwork to the department.
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Report a Critical Incident
Complaint Process
Application forms

Below are links to the applications required to become a Certified Family Home. 

Recertification and renewal tools

Certified Family Home providers are required to recertify annually.  Below is the annual Renewal Application that is required for the annual recertification and two tools to assist you in preparing for the annual survey to review that you meet all requirements to remain certified. 

Community Care Advisory Council

The Council is a forum for stakeholders in Residential Care or Assisted Living Facilities (RALFs) and Certified Family Homes (CFHs).
More information about CFH

Certified Family Homes (CFH) provide a safe, family-style living environment for adults who need some assistance with the activities of daily living, but do not require a more restrictive institutional setting. There are over 2,500 Certified Family Homes in communities across the state. 

Usually there are one or two adult residents in a CFH. Each resident has a tailored care plan designed to meet their individual needs and to ensure they have the opportunity to participate in community activities. The CFH is operated by a provider who has received the appropriate training and demonstrated the knowledge and experience to provide safe and effective services to the residents.