Children's Residential Licensing

A facility that provides residential child care, excluding foster homes, residential schools, juvenile detention centers and children's camps requires licensing. Follow the guidance and resources in this section to learn more about licensing and facility standards for residential child care. 

The application process

This information is intended for a facility that: 

a. Seeks, receives or enrolls children for treatment of special needs or children who have been identified by the judicial system as requiring treatment, therapy, rehabilitation or supervision;

b. Receives payment, including payment from health insurance carriers, for identified treatment needs such as substance abuse, mental illness, emotional disturbance, developmental disability or mental retardation; or

c. Represents to the payor of the child care services provided by the children’s facility that such payment may qualify for health insurance reimbursement by the payor’s carrier or may qualify for tax benefits relating to medical services; and

d. May include a children's therapeutic outdoor program whether or not that program operates out of a standard facility.

The process starts with a review of the IDAPA Child Care Licensing Rules 16.06.02. After reviewing the rules, applicants are required to request an orientation. The orientation will explain in detail the application and licensing process.

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Initial Application
Use this application and checklist to become licensed
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Children's Residential Programs Provider List
Renewal application and checklist

This form and checklist can be used for Children's Residential Facilities that have an initial license, seeking to renew.

Children's Residential Licensing

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