Ryan White Provider Resources

In this section, Ryan White providers can find the client intake, recertification forms, and support documents.

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

Idaho’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) helps people living with HIV or AIDS pay for prescriptions. Idaho’s ADAP formulary is updated as new medications are added and can be found here

Provider Prior Authorization forms can be found here

Cabenuva Provider Update - Effective July 15, 2022, Magellan Rx Management (MRx) will begin processing reimbursements for administration of Cabenuva injections and for related Cabenuva office visits on behalf of Idaho AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) clients. A claims form will need to be submitted with each reimbursement, a copy of the ID ADAP claims form can be found here. Related answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.



More information about the Ryan White Program

Eligibility requirements

The eligibility requirements for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) and the Ryan White Part B Medical Case Management include the following:

  1. HIV-positive
  2. Idaho resident
  3. Have income at or below 500 percent of the Federal Poverty Level 
  4. Not insured or underinsured for medications and HIV monitoring labs
  5. Not an inmate of state or federal Corrections system

If your income is at or below 138% FPL, you may be eligible for Medicaid and should Apply for Medicaid | Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Family Size

Under 138% FPL













     *Medicaid may have additional eligibility requirements such as resource limits.


Services vary but can include:


  • Medical case management
  • Outpatient Ambulatory Medical Care (OAMC) – HIV medical visits and labs
  • Dental services
  • Substance Use Disorder outpatient care
  • Home and community-based health services
  • Mental health


  • Medical transportation
  • Emergency financial assistance (utilities, housing)
  • Food bank/home-delivered meals
Ryan White Consumer Complaint Policy

The Idaho Ryan White Part B Program is committed to assuring that no infringement of a client’s rights occurs at an agency funded by the program, and that there is an established procedure for addressing problems or complaints that clients may have. Clients participating in HIV medical case management and ADAP have the opportunity to voice their concerns or receive additional assistance if needed.

RWPB Consumer Complaint Policy