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Health and Welfare has made available an array of forms, documents and online resources that help Long-Term Care Providers stay informed and effective in their work. 

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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Section 12006 of the 21st Century Cures Act mandates states to implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) systems for all Personal Care Services (PCS) and home health services that require an in-home visit by a provider.

EVV Requirements

The EVV system must be compatible with the state’s aggregator and capture the following six data elements:

  1. Type of service performed;
  2. Individual receiving the service;
  3. Date of service;
  4. Location of service delivery;
  5. Individual providing the service;
  6. Time the service begins and ends

To access more information and resources regarding Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), please visit the EVV Library

EVV Resources

EVV is a federal mandate. Visit the CMS website for more information regarding regulations and EVV guidance.
Visit the Gainwell Technologies website for more information regarding EVV system compatibility testing and technical specifications for alternate EVV vendors.

COVID 19 Materials

Covid 19

To see the Bureau of Long Term Care's Covid 19 action plans and other documents visit the BLTC Covid 19 Library.

Covid 19 Provider Questions and Answers

Date and time coming soon!

External resources
Provider listings: regional contacts

The quality assurance team has oversight of all Aged & Disabled Waiver and Personal Care Service providers to help ensure compliance with all requirements and regulations outlined in the Medicaid Provider Agreement, Additional Terms, Provider Handbook, and Idaho Administrative Procedures Act (IDAPA).

Name Title Regions Phone Number Email address
Alain Hernandez QA Specialist Statewide 208-732-1484 Alain.Hernandez@dhw.idaho.gov
Jessica Kirkland QA Specialist Statewide 208-947-3364 Jessica.Kirkland@dhw.idaho.gov
Paula Naegele QA Specialist Statewide 208-239-6274 Paula.Naegele@dhw.idaho.gov
Elysia Ramirez QA Specialist Statewide 208-239-6266 Elysia.Ramirez@dhw.idaho.gov
Yesenia "Yesi" Gil QA Specialist Statewide 208-287-1174 Yesenia.Gil@dhw.idaho.gov
Chris Barrott QA Manager Statewide 208-732-1482 Chris.Barrott@dhw.idaho.gov
Lorrie Dalton QA Coordinator Statewide 208-455-7152 Lorrie.Dalton@dhw.idaho.gov