Community Crisis Supports

A participant in the Adult with Developmental Disabilities Program may be eligible to receive community crisis supports. Community supported employment agencies, behavioral consultation/crisis management agencies, residential habilitation agencies, certified home providers, and developmental disability service coordinators may apply for community crisis supports using the process below.

About community crisis support

Community crisis supports are for participants in DHW's developmental disabilities services who are in an unanticipated and at-risk situation, such as the following:

  • Losing housing
  • Losing employment or income
  • Incarceration
  • Physical harm to self or others
  • Family altercation
  • Hospitalization: crisis services may be provided in an emergency room (ER) during the ER evaluation process if the goal is to prevent hospitalization and return the consumer to the community
  • Other emergencies

DHW may authorize community crisis support if there is a documented need for immediate intervention and no other means of support are available.

Community crisis support rules
  • The crisis supports need to be able to rectify the crisis.
  • Community crisis support is limited to a maximum of 20 hours during any consecutive five-day period.
  • Support is used to help a participant access community resources to resolve a crisis and does not include crisis counseling, transportation to emergency service providers, or direct skill-building services.  
  • Authorization for crisis assistance hours may be requested retroactively as a result of a crisis.
  • Crisis assistance hours are only available if a participant’s service coordination benefits have been exhausted for the rolling plan month in which the crisis occurred and no other means of support is available to the participant.   
  • Community crisis support may be provided before the completion of the assessment and plan of service.  
  • Services are not reimbursable after the person  has been admitted to the hospital.

Requesting community crisis support

How to request community crisis support
  1. Download and complete a crisis request form.
  2. Submit the crisis request form to the Bureau of Developmental Disability Services. Include Crisis Request:  Participant Name in the subject line
    1. e-mail
    2. Fax 208-332-7297


After you've submitted a request

The information coordinator will assign the crisis request to the regional care manager who has the participant on their caseload. The care manager will approve or deny the request in writing. If the request is denied, it can be appealed. 

If ongoing support is needed after the crisis situation, a DD waiver participant’s service coordinator can submit an addendum to request behavioral consultation/crisis management. This waiver service may be used to provide direct consultation and clinical evaluation of a participant who is experiencing or may be expected to experience a psychological, behavioral, or emotional crisis. This service may provide training and staff development related to the needs of the participant. These services may also provide emergency back-up involving the direct support of the participant in crisis.

Billing community crisis support
  • H2011—DD Service Coordination Crisis Assistance (1 unit = 15 minutes)
  • H2011 – Community Crisis Support (1 unit = 15 minutes)