Plan Developer/Service Coordinator

A plan developer (sometimes called service coordinator) is the person the participant chooses to help them with the important tasks.

Plan developers help participants do many tasks, including:

  • Decide who to invite to the person-centered planning meeting
  • Assist in finding a location and facilitating the person-centered planning meeting
  • Write the individual support plan (ISP) with the approval of the participant and the participant’s guardian (if applicable)
  • Verify the necessary supporting documentation has been included as part of the ISP
  • Make any needed corrections to the ISP
  • Make sure all of the required signatures are on the ISP
  • Ensure the ISP is submitted to the Bureau of Developmental Disability Services (BDDS) within the required timeframes
  • Modify the ISP during the plan year, as needed

Participants may develop their own plan or choose a paid or non-paid plan developer. Most participants choose to use a paid plan developer. 

Paid plan developers
  • A paid plan developer must meet the same qualifications as a service coordinator.
  • A paid plan developer cannot be paid to provide any other services requested on the ISP they develop for a participant, except for plan development and/or service coordination.
  • A paid plan developer cannot be an IAP.
Unpaid plan developers
  • An unpaid plan developer can be any adult a participant chooses, as long as this person is not paid to provide any services requested on the participant’s ISP other than plan development.
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