About Idaho Project Firstline

Idaho Project Firstline (PFL) is a collaborative of diverse healthcare and public health partners that aims to provide engaging, innovative, and effective infection control training for millions of frontline U.S. healthcare workers as well as community members that want to aid in stopping the spread of infections.

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are collaborating on providing clear, convenient, and unique training opportunities for the needs of Idahoans. Trainings are free and accessible so that anyone can be empowered with the science and reasoning behind essential infection control practices to protect themselves, their family, their facility, and their community.

CDC Project Firstline
Learn about CDC's national training collaborative for healthcare infection control.
Learn about infection control
Watch a video

Learn about infection control by watching Project Firstline videos. PFL videos are easily accessible at the CDC Project Firstline webpage.  

Interested in earning a certificate of completion for watching Project Firstline videos? Launch the video from TRAIN to receive a certificate and demonstrate your knowledge to your employer, colleagues, or professors. 

Schedule a training

Contact our Project Firstline team to schedule an in-person or virtual training for your workplace, association, or community event. Trainings can be accommodated for your needs and offered in 10, 20, or 60-minute sessions. We currently offer the following topics:

  • The Concept of Infection Control
  • The Basic Science of Viruses
  • How Respiratory Droplets Spread COVID-19
  • How Viruses Spread from Surfaces to People
  • How COVID-19 Spreads: A Review
  • Multi-Dose Vials
  • PPE Part 1 – Eye Protection
  • PPE Part 2: Gloves & Gowns
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Virus Strains


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