Provider Application and Participation

An intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ICF/IID) is designed and functions to meet the needs of four or more individuals with developmental disabilities or related conditions who require 24-hour active treatment services.

The primary purpose of the facility is to provide for the health and rehabilitative needs of the individuals living at the facility in an effort to maximize their independence and maintain functioning to the maximum extent possible in the presence of degenerative conditions. 

Application process

The certification and state licensure application packet includes the application form and facility information sheet, and several additional documents for informational purposes. The application form and facility information sheet must be submitted to the Bureau of Facility Standards for review.

All building construction plans must be submitted for review and approval by the Fire Safety and Construction Program Supervisor. For additional information regarding these requirements, please refer to the Fire Safety and Construction page. When developing policies and procedures, assure that all areas listed on the required facility information sheet are addressed.

Upon issuance of the Idaho ICF/IID license, the facility may admit individuals and begin to provide services. An on-site licensure and certification survey will be scheduled. If the application is incomplete, or if there are questions, bureau staff will contact you. The length of the application process for initial certification and state licensure of an ICF/IID varies depending on multiple factors, including whether the application is complete, whether additional information is needed, current work load, and the availability of resources necessary to complete the application review and initial survey.

Mail your ICF/ID application to: 

Department of Health and Welfare Bureau of Facility Standards
PO Box 83720
Boise, Idaho 83720-0009

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