Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Idaho Medicaid contracts with MTM (Medical Transportation Management, Inc) to manage a statewide network of transportation providers for Idaho's NEMT services for Medicaid eligible participants who have no other means of transportation. The Idaho NEMT program covers transportation in-state and out-of-state, to and from healthcare services when those services are covered under the Medicaid program.

Idaho rules for the NEMT program can be found at IDAPA through 872

Member Services

If you have a medical appointment but you do not have a car, cannot operate a car, or do not have a friend or family member who can take you, you can request transportation through MTM. 

  • If you have a vehicle to transport yourself or family members to their appointments, please contact MTM and ask about their mileage reimbursement program.
  • MTM will review your request and decide if Medicaid will pay for your transportation. MTM will review your request based on the least expensive transportation available and the closest available Medicaid provider for the service.
  • If you have been referred for medical care outside your community, MTM may ask for a referral from your doctor before they will schedule your transportation.
  • You need to call at least 48 hours before your appointment.

You may reach MTM to request transportation by calling 1-877-503-1261, by visiting MTM's Medicaid Transportation website, or by using MTM's Transport Service Management Portal. Routine trips can be scheduled Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you or someone you are helping has questions about MTM, you have the right to get help and information in your language at no cost. To talk to an interpreter, call 1-888-561-8747.

Network Transportation Providers

Network transportation providers may call MTM at 1-877-503-1261 or email the provider help desk at with any questions about NEMT services.

Information for transportation providers, including how to join the MTM network, transportation provider requirements, training information, and  resource materials, can be found on MTM's website.

FInd information for transportation providers, including how to join the MTM network, transportation provider requirements, training information, and resource materials
Provider Manual
Transportation Provider Handbook
Grievances and appeals

Members shall have the right to file a grievance about any matter related to their services, without concern of reprisal from MTM, its employees, or providers. All members will be provided written notice of the grievance procedures upon denial of services, member request for appeal or grievance, or at the member’s request. Members wishing to file a grievance online may do so using the form at: MTM Grievances and Appeals Form. Members wishing to file a written grievance should mail it to:

MTM Corporate Headquarters
ATTN. Grievance and Appeals
635 Maryville Centre Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63141

If you or someone you are helping has questions about the grievance or appeal process, please call: 1-866-436-0457 or complete the MTM “contact us” on-line form. Information and personal contact information will be securely transmitted directly to MTM and will be kept confidential to the extent required by HIPAA.

NEMT procurement

Medicaid is in the planning and development stages for the replacement of the current NEMT program contract. Currently, the NEMT program is contracted to a single transportation broker who coordinates and manages the statewide program. The broker subcontracts with transportation providers. All NEMT services are scheduled through the transportation broker and coordinated with contracted transportation providers. The current NEMT contract was procured in 2018, updated in 2019, and is planned to be replaced in April 2021.

The high-level goals of the next NEMT contract are:

  • Zero missed trips
  • Customer-focused, culturally competent service delivery prioritizing safety, reliability, and accessibility for people with disabilities
  • High performing, well supported transportation providers
  • Cost-effective, performance driven program administration

To meet these goals, Medicaid is exploring potential program improvement opportunities in the following areas:

  • Contract Management and Compliance
  • Stakeholder Outreach and Communication
  • Customer Service and Care Coordination
  • Provider Network and Reimbursement
  • Information Technology

Visit the Division of Purchasing website to learn more about future procurement opportunities.

Provide feedback

To contact the medicaid NEMT Team, complete the form below, email or call 1(800) 296-0509.