Behavioral Health

Information about the transformation of the behavioral healthy system in Idaho.

The IBHP represents a huge step forward in the transformation of the behavioral health care system in Idaho by:

  • Requiring the use of evidence-based practices in the delivery of services
  • Integrating the services of mental health clinic, psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR) agencies, services coordination agencies and substance used disorder agencies into one, “behavioral health” service system
  • Replacing artificial service limits with a care management process that relies on individualized clinical reviews of a member’s medical necessity for services

The IBHP provides services for children with serious emotional disturbance and adults with serious mental illness or serious and persistent mental illness as well as any adults or children who manifest symptoms indicative of behavioral health issues.  Members are still able to choose their provider within the Optum network.

Optum Contract Documents

The most relevant components of the contract between the Department of Health and Welfare and Optum are available for download.

The full legal document has hundreds of files. For access to the entire contract, please make a public records request to the Department of Administration, Division of Purchasing.  

Additional Resources

Optum Idaho
Optum Idaho is the managed care contractor for Behavioral Health benefits.
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Request a fair hearing by filing out and submitting the fair hearing request form
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