Presumptive Eligibility Providers

Presumptive eligibility is a policy option that allows hospitals to provide temporary Medicaid coverage to individuals likely to qualify for Medicaid. Find training and resources available for healthcare providers certified to determine whether a patient is likely to meet MAGI (modified adjusted gross income) Medicaid eligibility criteria. 

About presumptive eligibility Medicaid

Presumptive eligibility Medicaid is immediate, temporary health coverage for eligible individuals receiving care. This coverage is short term, but the application will also be used to determine a customer’s eligibility for long-term health coverage.

To partner with DHW as a presumptive eligibility provider, you hospital will need to submit a Memorandum of Understanding between your organization and the Division of Welfare.

After your hospital has been accepted as a presumptive eligibility provider, view this training

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Presumptive Eligibility Medicaid Training
Learn who can receive Presumptive Eligibility for Medicaid and the application process