Child Support Fees

Child Support Services may charge a parent a fee to provide legal assistance. 

Fees for services

Fees are assessed based on who requests the service, case situations, applicable laws, or court orders. Payment plans are available. Payments are made toward fees only after current support obligations have been met for a month.

Service Fee
Application fee $25
Establish an order for paternity and/or child support  
    Defaults $290
    Stipulates before trial $470
    If order goes to trial $545
    Temporary support order (until a final order is issued) $210
Change an existing order  
    Defaults $290
    Stipulates before trial  $470
    If order goes to trial $545
Filing a complaint if the alleged father is excluded by genetic testing $240
Contempt action for non-payment of child support  
    If contempt order is dismissed $140
    If contempt order defaults $290
    If contempt order stipulates before trial $470
    If contempt order goes to trial $545
    If follow-up is required for each court action taken in each instance $120
Interventions (required when Child Support Services becomes party to legal actions) $135
Hourly rates for legal services not listed  
    Attorney costs per hour $100
    Paralegal costs per hour $50
Genetic testing (cost per person) $42
Federal tax offset fee $25
Annual federal receipting fee (BDRA) $35