Make or Receive a Child Support Payment

The Idaho Child Support program offers a variety of payment methods to make it easier for you to make or receive your payments.

Make a child support payment
Payment Method payment type one-time payments re-occurring payments fee amount processing time
access idaho portal Credit/Debit Cards Yes Yes $7 1-2 days
SMI portal Credit/Debit Cards Yes No 2.5% 2-4 days
SMI portal Mobile Pay Yes No 2.5% 2-4 days
SMI portal Bank Transfer Yes Yes Free 2-4 days
wage withholding Bank Transfer Yes Yes Free 2-4 days
wage withholding Credit/Debit Cards Yes No 2.5% 2-4 days


Option 1

Credit/Debit Cards Yes No 2.5% 2-4 days


ID CS Receipting Services
Po Box 70008
Boise, ID 83707-0108

Check or Mail Order Yes No Free 5-7 days


Receive a child support payment

You can receive child support payments directly into your bank account, or you can choose to receive payments on the Family Support Card. Child Support Services distributes a payment within two business days after it was received. If another parent misses a payment, or pays later than expected, Child Support Services waits until a payment arrives to send the funds.

Things to know about receiving child support payments
  • If Child Support Services has your email address, they will email you when a payment is sent to your financial institution. Check with your financial institution to see when payments are deposited.
  • You can sign up for direct deposit by completing the Direct Deposit form
  • Your Family Support card works like a debit card. To reset your PIN or access number, or check the account balance call 1-888-295-6850. You can check your balance at MyAccount.
  • Child support funds cannot be put on an EBT card (also known as a SNAP card).
  • Some fees are associated with using a Family Support card.
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The Child Support Services Portal allows customers to securely view information about their child support case, make payments, and see when payments are received. Register for an account to get started.