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Immunization Record Requests

Idaho does have an Immunization Information System (IIS) implemented in 1999, and referred to as IRIS, Idaho’s Immunization Reminder Information system.

A copy of an immunization record might be found at one of the following places:

  • Your doctor’s office
  • The clinic that gave the shot(s)
  • Idaho School
  • Your local public health district **    

If you have tried the above options and still can’t locate your immunization records, the Idaho Immunization Program MAY be able to assist you. Any immunization request requires filling out a public records request. Please click HERE for information regarding completion of a public records request:

You will be asked to supply some required information for your request to be considered.

**some local public health departments require you to have received services as a qualification to release immunization records. Please contact your local office for details.

Links to local Public Health District offices:
District 1:
District 2:
District 3:
District 4:
District 5:
District 6:
District 7:

The website for the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention also provides information regarding lost or missing immunization records. Please click on the following link for further information and recommendations regarding immunization records: : .

Please contact the IRIS Help Desk should you need further assistance.

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