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Provider Licensure


Reinstatement license provider application and instructions can be found on our IGEMS website at

Instructions for Reinstating an expired Emergency Medical Services (EMS) license.

If your EMS license has expired, you cannot represent yourself or provide patient care as an EMS provider in Idaho. If you do, you are breaking the law.

To represent yourself or provide patient care as an EMS provider in Idaho, you must reinstate your license within twenty-four (24) months of your license expiration date. The requirements listed below must be completed before reinstatement will occur. If your license is not reinstated within twenty-four (24) months of your license expiration date, you will need to retake your initial course and meet all other requirements to gain initial personnel licensure.

NOTE: The AEMT-85s license level may not be reinstated. AEMT-85s may complete EMT-2011 transition requirements and reinstate at that level or complete all AEMT-2011 transition requirements and reinstate at that level.

  1. Complete an Idaho EMS License Reinstatement Application on IGEMS.


  2. Successful completion of transition requirements for the license level being reinstated is required in most cases. (These hours may be counted towards your continuing education requirements.) Include proof of completion of transition requirements with the reinstatement application. If applicable, please submit the EMS Personnel License Transition Application along with the reinstatement application.


  3. Provide documentation of continuing education (CE) hours consistent with renewal requirements of the lapsed license plus additional CE hours for each month lapsed. (See grid below for required hours.) Record all required CE on the Education Record of the reinstatement application.


  4. Apply for the Assessment exam for the lapsed level of licensure at Instructions to sign up for the assessment exam can be found on the NREMT website.


  5. Complete a Department of Health and Welfare Criminal History background check.
    • Apply for the background check and schedule a fingerprinting appointment at
    • The agency number or Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 1350.
    • If your EMS agency is paying for the background check, and their agency number in addition to #1350.


  6. Send an Idaho EMS License Verification Request form to any/all states where you have held or applied for an EMS license. The form will be submitted to the Idaho EMS Bureau office for review by the verifying state. (The form is attached to the reinstatement application.)


  7. Include a copy of your photo ID.


  8. Advanced EMT and Paramedic candidates must pay a $35.00 licensure fee.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Bureau at 877-554-3367.


Level of Lapsed License

Continuing Education Hours Required for Reinstatement


24 CE hours plus 45 minutes for each month lapsed


48 CE hours plus 90 minutes (1.5 hours) for each month lapsed


54 CE hours plus 135 minutes (2.25 hours) for each month lapsed


72 CE hours plus 180 minutes (3 hours) for each month lapsed

Paper applications are available upon request at 208-334-4000. Note that processing times will be increased if using paper applications.