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Immunization recommendations and requirements are constantly changing. New vaccines are developed, vaccine recommendations are revised, vaccine shortages occur, new immunization tools are created to improve provider practices, and the school and childcare immunization requirements are updated. The Idaho Immunization Program offers education and training opportunities to help healthcare providers, schools, and childcare facilities stay up-to-date on this important information.

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2022 Booster Shots
2022 Shot Smarts

General Program Updates - Sarah Leeds & Marin Axtell
Idaho Disease & Vaccine Trends - Dr. Chris Hahn
Accessibility & Immunizations - Krista Kramer, ATP - the recording file for this session was unfortunately corrupted, please see the slides at the link below.
Motivational Interviewing - Trevor Manthey, MSV, Ph.D. 
Vaccine Programs (COVID & VFC) Updates and IRIS Updates - Tamarie Olson & Gwen Baker

Slides from each presentation are also available. 

Idaho Immunization Program videos & recordings