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The Idaho Immunization Program helps school and child care facilities understand immunization rules in Idaho and the immunization schedule outlined in Idaho statute.

Immunization requirements

Whenever children are brought into group settings, there is a potential for the spread of infectious disease. To help protect children and others from vaccine-preventable diseases, certain immunizations are required before children may attend licensed childcare facilities and public, private, and parochial schools in Idaho.

According to IDAPA 16.02.15, to enter or transfer into public or private schools, all children in preschool and grades K-12 must meet immunization requirements outlined below at registration and before attendance. No child shall attend school without proof of immunization status.

Idaho School Immunization Requirements

According to IDAPA 16.02.11, children are required to meet immunization requirements to attend licensed child care facilities.

Idaho Childcare Immunization Requirements

Conditional Enrollment

Children in the process of getting caught up on required immunizations are permitted to attend school and child care under a conditional enrollment, provided the child has received one dose of each specified vaccine prior to enrollment and is currently on schedule for subsequent immunizations.

In the event of a disease outbreak, children who are conditionally enrolled and have not received the immunization against that disease are to be encouraged to complete immunizations or are to be excluded from school and/or childcare. These children are at most risk for contracting a vaccine-preventable disease.

Idaho Conditional Admission to School (Schedule of Intended Immunizations Form) 
Idaho Conditional Attendance to Childcare (Schedule of Intended Immunizations Form)

Immunization Exemptions

Idaho law allows a parent or guardian to claim an immunization exemption for their child for medical, religious, or other reasons. A medical exemption must be completed by a licensed physician. It is recommended that exemptions for religious or other reasons be documented on the form provided by Idaho Immunization Program. Parents or guardians may also claim an immunization exemption by providing a signed written statement when entering their child into school and/or childcare. In the event of a disease outbreak, children who have claimed an exemption and have not received the immunization against that disease may be excluded from school and/or childcare.

Idaho law also requires school officials and daycare facilities to describe the exemptions provided in section 39-4802 and 39-1118 and provide a citation to the section in any communication to parents and guardians regarding immunization.

Idaho School Immunization Requirements Exemption 
Idaho Childcare Immunization Requirements Exemption

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Public Access to Immunization Records

Docket® is an application that searches Idaho’s Immunization Reminder Information System (IRIS) using basic demographic information (name, date of birth, and sex) to display immunization record information on a mobile device. Phone number verification is required. The app displays vaccination history to anyone with a record in IRIS whose identity has been verified through the Docket® app. This application is not a vaccine passport. The Docket® app currently supports a QR code for COVID-19 vaccinations.

When Docket® is launched, your team should anticipate receiving immunization records as PDFs from the app. Per Idaho code (IDAPA 16.02.11, 16.02.15), an official immunization record is defined as "an electronic medical health record, an immunization registry document, or a written immunization certificate confirmed by a licensed health care professional or a physician’s representative which states the month, day, and year of each immunization a person has received." Docket® records meet these requirements and should be considered official immunization records.

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School immunization report

Idaho schools are required to submit kindergarten, first grade, seventh grade, and twelfth grade immunization data to the Idaho Immunization Program by Nov. 1 of each school year. Data must include the number of students with an up-to-date immunization record, number of students conditionally admitted, number of students with exemptions, and number of students with no immunization record on file. The Idaho Immunization Program compiles this data and makes it available each year.  

Training resources for schools and child care providers

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