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The Idaho Immunization Program provides regular updates on vaccines to providers. 

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Guide to Immunizations Required for School Entry

Idaho Reportable Diseases

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The Standards for Pediatric Immunization Practice

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Public Access to Immunization Records

Docket® is an application that searches Idaho’s Immunization Reminder Information System (IRIS) using basic demographic information (name, date of birth, and sex) to display immunization record information on a mobile device. Phone number verification is required. The app displays vaccination history to anyone with a record in IRIS whose identity has been verified through the Docket® app. This application is not a vaccine passport. The Docket® app currently supports a QR code for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Providing Idahoans digital access to their IRIS records will reduce the number of requests coming into your office and should reduce staff time spent generating records for patients. Docket® will be particularly helpful during back-to-school and kindergarten registration when immunization record requests increase.

When Docket® is launched, your office should anticipate an increased volume of calls and requests from patients to have immunization information updated or verified in IRIS. The Idaho Immunization Program maintains IRIS; but does not provide medical care, including vaccine administration, and cannot alter a patient’s medical record. Because of this, patients will be directed to their healthcare or vaccine provider when there appears to be a discrepancy or missing information when the patient uses Docket®.  

Docket® FAQs

Getting Started with Docket®

No Match in Docket® Tip Sheet