Welcome to the Division of Behavioral Health Center of Excellence

The DBH Center of Excellence (CoE) goal is to implement, promote, and expand the use of effective best practices for Idaho’s Behavioral Health system.

What is the Center of Excellence?

The CoE consists of a team of state leaders, managers, staff and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who collaborate, create, provide, and share expertise, best practices, and support for our Competency Centers.

The CoE Mission

To support Idaho’s Behavioral Health system through dynamic collaboration in training, mentoring, and monitoring the implementation of best practices in behavioral health treatment.

The CoE Vision

To achieve excellence through the promotion of Behavioral Health best practices.

CoE Competency Centers

What is a CoE Competency Center? A dedicated team that organizes, manages, and assists in the implementation of best practices including coaching, mentoring, training, fidelity monitoring, technical assistance, certifications, and analysis of standards/guidelines to support administrative code.

Current CoE Competency Centers:

  • ACT
  • TCOM
  • ESMI (FEP)
  • IWInS (Wraparound)
  • PLL
  • MRT
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Division of Behavioral Health Center of Excellence

CoE Bureau Chief
Michael Wraith
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Learn more about the CoE Competency Centers

Parents and three children sitting on hillside looking into a river valley
PLL is an evidence-based family-focused intervention and treatment program.
Couple holding hands and walking down the side of a street
ACT is an evidenced based model that utilizes a team-based approach to provide a range of intensive community-based services.
Child holding hands in a circle with a group of adults in a grassy park
The Idaho Wraparound Intensive Service (IWInS) Competency Center delivers coaching and training to providers of the Idaho WInS high-fidelity model.
Group of young professional hands together in a circle
TCOM uses a consensus-based assessment process. Current TCOM tools in use include CANS, CAT, and FAST.
Group of teenagers sitting and laughing in a park
The Idaho ESMI Competency Center focuses on individuals ages 15 to 30, who have recently struggled with serious mental illness.
Reflective young man with a beard stares out window
The Center of Excellence Mobile Response Team Competency Center was developed to increase the capacity of MRT’s by providing best practice interventions in areas throughout Idaho.
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Division of Behavioral Health Center of Excellence
CoE Bureau Chief
Michael Wraith