Residential Assisted Living providers can find helpful resources and information on this site that will support licensing requirements as well as improve quality of care in your facility.

Resources and training materials

There are many resources available for Residential Assisted Living Providers to ensure safe and quality care is possible. Review the information below to become familiar with important considerations as you open and operate your Assisted Living Facility.


Facility Fire Safety & Construction

As part of your licensing and licensing renewal process, you will need to meet all Fire Safety and Construction Standards. 

Unsprinklered Facilities

FAQs for Fire Life Safety

Pocatello Fire Department Guidance for When to Call EMS

Fire Safety for Older Adults

Wildfire Safety

Administrative Rules - Idaho Administrative Procedures Act

Should you want to submit an appeal related to either a core or non-core deficiency found during your annual state survey, there are forms available for the appeal process. 

Informal Dispute Resolution Process (Core): This document describes how to submit an appeal after the facility receives the formal written survey report. 

Informal Dispute Resolution Request Form (Core)

Non-core Dispute Process: Once the facility has received the formal written survey report and the facility would like to dispute a non-core issue found during survey, a dispute must be submitted within 30 days from the exit conference. For more details on the non-core Dispute Resolution Process, review the following document.


Behavior Management Plan flow chart

To assess when a Behavior Plan is required for individuals residing in an Residential Assisted Living Facility, we provide a flow chart to help with decision making for the provider.



There are consultants in the Residential Assisted Living Industry that can help providers with licensing, development of plans, professional development, and other critical items related to operating a safe and effective facility. 

Consultant List

Nursing in Assisted Living

An Assisted Living Nurse Reference Guide has been developed for nurses who work in assisted living facilities in Idaho.

Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment

The Idaho POST Health Care Providers and Emergency Medical Services Personnel Frequently Asked Questions can help answer questions regarding POST in Idaho. 


Reportable Incident guidelines

It is important that you report specific incidents to either the Department of Health and Welfare, Commission on Aging (Adult Protection), or Law Enforcement depending on the severity of the incident. We have provided a guide to help you know what to report and to whom. 

Reporting Requirements

Antikickback info/FAQs


Antikickback info/FAQs

Living with Memory Loss: A Basic Guide
Agency Grid
Best practices

Resources in this section provide examples of current facility practices which have been recognized as rising above the level of expectation and quality. 

Additional resources reflecting Best Practices in the industry

Caregiver Code of Ethics

The Care Giver Code of Ethics is a great guide to help create a quality of life by sustaining an environment that humanizes and individualizes each resident in your facility. 

Comprehensive Assessment Form

Important forms for Residential Assisted Living Facilities

Behavior Management

Below are important Forms to manage Behaviors in your facility: 


    Forms related to Medication variance and psychotropic medication review: 

    Multi-facility administrators

    If you have one Administrator who will serve over multiple facilities, you will need to fill out and submit this form. 

    Resident roster

    Here is a sample matrix to maintain your resident roster for your facility: 

    Variance Request Form

    If you are requesting a variance for your facility, you will need to submit a Variance Request Form: 

    Consumer forms

    Here are a list of forms that your residents may need access to.  These forms can also be found on the Programs and Services Section of this website: