A Residential Assisted Living Facility is a facility or residence operated on either a profit or nonprofit basis for the purpose of providing necessary supervision, personal assistance, meals, and lodging to three or more adults not related to the owner. On this page, find information needed to become licensed and maintain compliance with the rules, access training resources, announcements, and tools. 

Customer information is available under Services and Programs. 

Assisted Living Facility Licensing Process

The assisted living facility licensing process involves multiple steps. 

1: To get started, request access to the online portal

2: Once portal access is approved, you will receive instructions for how to complete an application which must be submitted to Licensing and Certification. 

3: You must submit a set of policies and procedures for approval. Refer to the Policy and Procedure Checklist for instructions on developing and submitting your policies and procedures. Policies and procedures selected for review can take up to 90 days depending on how quickly you make changes and submit. 

4: Upon submission and approval of your application, Fire Life Safety (FLS) will schedule an on-site evaluation of your building. Visit the Facility Fire Safety and Construction page for building requirements. You will then receive a letter identifying any items needing correction. Upon correction of those items, notify FLS and request a final building evaluation. All state licensed health care facilities must meet the Facility Fire Safety and Construction requirements.  

5: Once the building has received final approval, your policies and procedures have been reviewed, and you have submitted all application materials, a final review of your application materials will be conducted. Any final corrections to your application materials must be made, and then your license will be issued. 

6: This Medicaid Provider Information can guide you on how to enroll as a Medicaid provider, or how to notify Medicaid of a change in ownership.

Residential Assisted Living Facilities and Survey Results
Search Residential Assisted Living Facilities and review survey results.
Reportable Incidents
Reportable Incident Reporting Requirements
Guidance for when to report to the RALF Program, APS, or Law Enforcement.
Preparing for a Survey

Participating in a survey can be a stressful event for administrators, staff, and residents. Being prepared by having required documentation organized and ready can help to reduce this stress.

All surveys, except initial surveys, are un-announced. When surveyors arrive at a facility, the team leader will conduct an entrance conference to let you know what type of survey they are there to conduct and give you an initial list of documentation they will need. If Licensing and Certification has received a complaint against your facility, the surveyors will let you know they are conducting a complaint investigation, but are not allowed to tell you the exact nature of the complaint until after they have completed their investigation.

Appeal of Survey Results
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