Manage my Child Care Assistance

Report changes and complete your annual re-evaluation to make sure you continue to be eligible for the program.

Program restrictions

ICCP will not pay for:

  • Late charges
    • ICCP will not pay fees charged to families who do not pick up their children on time, or to families who do not pay their provider on time.
  • Termination notices
    • ICCP will not pay fees charged to families when they decide not to continue to use a provider and do not notify the provider in advance.

If you or your child care provider don't report changes:

If more money is paid to a provider than a family is eligible to receive because the parents did not report a change, the parents must repay the department. To avoid overpayments, make sure to report changes as soon as you are aware of them, and no later than 10 days after the change has occurred.

Required re-Evaluation

When receiving ICCP, you are required to re-evaluate periodically. When your household is due for recertification, the department will notify you and provide you with the necessary forms required to complete the process.

Child Support Services

If you have a situation where a child on your ICCP program should receive child support, you may be required to cooperate with Child Support Services in order to receive ICCP payments.

Reporting changes

You are responsible for reporting any changes to your household circumstances that may impact your eligibility to receive benefit services, or the amount of benefits you receive. 

Let us know when:

  • When you are no longer participating in qualified work or education activities 
  • When you switch child care providers or stop using child care
  • When your address changes 
  • When your income exceeds the gross income limit for your household size (as identified on your monthly notice)