Idaho Yellow Dot Program

The Idaho Yellow Dot program assists emergency medical responders and law enforcement in reporting critical medical information in the event of a motor vehicle accident when a person is unable to communicate for themselves. By participating in this program, it can mean the difference between life and death in the "golden hour" after a serious injury or medical emergency.

How Yellow Dot Works

Step 1 - Request a Yellow Dot kit. Each kit contains a Yellow Dot medical form, a Yellow Dot decal, and a Yellow Dot envelope.

Step 2 - Have a photo taken. Place the photograph on the medical form. It should be a clear, recent photo of the participant.

Step 3 - Fill out a medical form for each participant who regularly rides in the vehicle and place in the yellow envelope.

Step 4 - Place the Yellow Dot decal on the bottom left side of the rear-facing window. This will alert first responders to look in the glove compartment for your medical form.

Step 5 - Place the Yellow Dot envelope in your glove compartment. First responders will look there when they see the decal on your car window..

The program is free and offered to all Idaho residents.

To request a Yellow Dot kit, email and provide your first and last name, mailing address, and the number of kits you would like to receive. Your kit(s) will be mailed to you in a couple of weeks.
Still from a video showing YDP paperwork
Idaho Yellow Dot Video
Watch this YouTube video to learn how the Idaho Yellow Dot Program works.

Printable Forms

Download the medical form if your personal and/or medical information has changed.
Download this brochure to educate Idaho residents on this program.