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2020 Assisted Living Training Courses Available - Monday, March 9, 2020

The following Assisted Living Training courses are now scheduled for 2020. When registering for a course, you will be placed on a wait-list and notified when your registration has been accepted and you may attend the course.

A "register here" link will be active when registration is available for a course.  We will not open registration up too far in advance to prevent "no shows".

If you do not have a FLARES account, follow any of the links below to create one. DO NOT REGISTER FOR SOMEONE ELSE. If you need any assistance, please contact the Assisted living team.

    • Licensing and Certification's Professional RCA training.

        • These courses are for licensed administrators who are currently working in an Idaho assisted living facility.  Each course is designed to enhance the professional RCA's knowledge and will be presented by topic expert speakers.  Dates and topics will be announced throughout the year.  All courses will be held in Boise unless otherwise noted.

      • Licensing and Certification’s Assisted Living Nurse training.
        • This course is for licensed nurses and administrators currently working in an Idaho assisted living facility.  Nurses will be given first preference on available seats.  All nursing courses will be one day in length and conducted only in Boise now.

      • Licensing and Certification’s Assisted Living Basic Administrator training.  If you have taken this course in the last two years, you are not eligible to register.  All basic administrator courses will be conducted only in Boise now.
        • This course is for newly licensed administrators.

          • October 19 & 20, 2020 - Registration Not Open Yet
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