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Provider Updates
Weiser Vaccine Clinic

Please review the resource library for information about the Covid-19 vaccine clinic that will be hosted in Weiser on April 25, 2021!

Idaho Medicaid participants can also receive support to get to the vaccine appointment:

If you need help with transportation to your vaccine appointment, call MTM at 1-800-503-1261. MTM can arrange for a provider to take you to the appointment and back home or give you gas mileage reimbursement if you have a friend or family member who can take you. If you want to use the gas mileage reimbursement program, you will need to send a completed trip log back to MTM after your appointment. Information about NEMT services, the trip log, and instructions on how to request reimbursement can be found at

When you call MTM, you will need to tell them the following information:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your Medicaid ID number
  3. Your home address and phone number
  4. That you are going to a COVID vaccine appointment
  5. The address where you have an appointment
  6. The date and time of your appointment
  7. Any special needs, including if you have a wheelchair or need someone to ride with you
  8. If you require special equipment like a car seat, wheelchair, or other device, you must provide these items
COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 has impacted our families and communities statewide. The Bureau of Developmental Disability Services is doing what we can to help providers and participants. The Bureau is holding virtual meetings where providers can address COVID-19 related topics. To request an invitation, please email the BDDS COVID-19 email listed below. Slides from these meetings include provider resources and are uploaded to this website.

Provider Resources

Slides from the COVID-19 provider meetings

COVID-19 Forms
Homemaker Addendum Intense Request Worksheet COVID-19 Reporting Form


Contact Information
Area Phone Email
Region I 1-208-769-1567
Region 2 1-208-799-4430
Region 3 1-208-799-4430
Region 4 1-208-334-0940
Region 5 1-208-736-3024
Region 6 1-208-239-6260
Region 7 1-208-528-5750