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Adult Developmental Disabilities Care Management

The goal of the Adult Developmental Disabilities Care Management Program is to assist adults with developmental disabilities in getting the right care at the right place at the right cost with the right outcomes.

See a comprehensive list of Medicaid's Adult Developmental Disability Services and Supports that may be available.

See a list of Adult Developmental Disabilities Service Providers (including Service Coordinators/Plan Developers) throughout the state. These are listed by region and include the following Adult DD Medicaid Service Provider types: Behavior Consultation & Crisis Management, Chore Services, Community Supported Employment, Fiscal Employment Agent, Home Modifications, Home Delivered Meals, Nursing Services, Personal Emergency Response Systems, Respite, Specialized Medical Equipment, Targeted Service Coordination and NonMedical Transportation.

Learn about Self Direction - a choice for individuals who are eligible for the Medicaid Developmental Disabilities Waiver. This option is about choice and freedom to manage their lives.

Learn about the Medicaid for Workers with Disabilities (MWD) program - health insurance for people who work and who have a disability.

How is my Budget Determined?

To find out what budget a participant gets, the budget methodology tool looks at everyone who has been on the program to see what they have spent for different approved services. The tool then groups those people who have similar needs according to the answers on the assessment form. Those participants with similar needs should have similar budgets. The budget is set based on what has been spent by those with similar needs. An amount above the set budget may be added or removed for changes that may have happened because of program or rule changes. Once the budget is set, a participant can have their budget increased if they can show that they have certain health and safety needs that cannot be met with the set budget.

For more technical information on the budet methodology please see the Adult Developmental Disabilities Individualized Budget Model Analysis.

If you are not appealing but would like additional information about the budget methodology tool, please fill out a Public Records Request form following the instructions in the Budget Information Requests Memo.