Idaho Home Choice

A program to help people transition from an institution into home-and community-based living (e.g. home or apartment). 

Goals for Idaho Home Choice
  • Increase the use of Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) and reduce the use of institutionally-based services;
  • Eliminate barriers and mechanisms in state law, state Medicaid plans, or state budgets that prevent or restrict the flexible use of Medicaid funds to enable Medicaid-eligible individuals to receive long-term care in the settings of their choice;
  • Strengthen the ability of Medicaid programs to assure continued provision of HCBS to those individuals who choose to transition from institutions; and,
  • Ensure that procedures are in place to provide quality assurance and continuous quality improvement of HCBS. 


To participate in the Idaho Home Choice Program, the individual must:
  • Have lived for at least sixty consecutive days in a nursing facility or intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities
  • Be a resident of Idaho
  • Be Medicaid eligible at the time of discharge
  • Qualify for either the Aged and Disabled or Developmental Disability waivers
  • Move to a “qualified residence” 
Idaho Home Choice Application
Idaho Home Choice is a voluntary program that helps seniors and people with disabilities move from institutions into communities and receive appropriate services and supports.
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Idaho Home Choice Referral Form
Available IHC services
  • Transition managers to help you relocate.
  • Up to $2,000 to help pay for household furnishings, household goods and supplies, moving expenses, and utility or security deposits.
  • Waiver benefits and services including home modifications.
  • Medicaid State Plan benefits.
Idaho Home Choice
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