Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF)

An Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID) is designed, and functions, to meet the needs of four or more individuals with developmentally disabilities, or related conditions, who require twenty-four hour active treatment services.    


An ICF/IID is expected to provide food, shelter, treatment, or services to four or more individuals, who are unrelated to the proprietor. ICFs/IID may vary in size from very large multi-unit, multi-level facilities with sophisticated programs to very small, home-like settings with required services provided through an arrangement with community organizations. 

The primary purpose of the facility is to provide for health and rehabilitative needs of the individuals residing at the facility in an effort to:

  • Maximize the individuals independence
  • Maintain functioning to the maximum extent possible in the presence of degenerative conditions
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