Medicaid for Workers with Disabilities

The Medicaid for Workers with Disabilities (MWD) program is health insurance for people who work and who have a disability. 


This program is intended to help you work while earning more money and keeping your health insurance at the same time. However, the income guidelines for the MWD program are higher so you may earn more money by working and still be eligible for the for Medicaid. 

Keep in mind that your Social Security benefits benefits may be affected (reduced or ended) as a result of any increase in your income. If you are on SSDI or SSI, and have questions about how working will impact your Social Security benefits, contact a Community Work Incentives Counselor (CWIC). These counselors can help you to make a decision if you are concerned about Social Security benefits. You can call DisAbility Rights Idaho to connect with a CWIC. Their number is 1(866) 262-3462.

    Application for Medicaid
    Apply for Medicaid and select your interest in the Medicaid for Workers with Disabilities program
    Eligibility criteria

    The Medicaid for Workers with Disabilities program is open to people who:

    • Have a disability (by Social Security Administration definition),
    • Are between 16 and 64 years old,
    • Have a job or are self-employed,
    • Are a resident of Idaho, and
    • Meet certain income and resource limits
    • A portion of income must come from a job or self-employment
    • This program has health care premiums. Premiums are what you pay once each month for your health care. The chart listed below is based on whether you are single or married and tells you how much you might pay for your monthly health care premium, if found eligible.
    Income limits

    View the income limits for MWD and other Medicaid programs on the income guidelines page.

    What's covered?

    If you qualify for this program, you will get the same health care coverage provided under the Medicaid Enhanced Plan.

    The Enhanced Plan:
    For people with more complex needs and medical conditions, disabilities or special health needs, and people over the age of 65. This plan has all the benefits of the Basic Plan, plus developmental disability services, children’s service coordination, and long-term services and supports.

    You can read more about this plan by viewing the Idaho Health Plan Coverage Booklet.

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