Self-Directed Services

My Voice, My Choice, Idaho’s self direction program, is an option under the Developmental Disabilities Waiver. This option gives you more choice and control over the Medicaid funds used to buy your services and supports. You choose the services and supports that fit your needs. You decide when and where you get services and supports. You choose and hire the people you want to help you. You keep track of your Medicaid budget account.

    My Voice, My Choice

    My Choice, My Voice may be right for you if:

    • You are eligible for the Developmental Disabilities Waiver 
    • You want to have more choices and flexibility in your services and supports 
    • You want more control over how you spend your Medicaid budget account 
    • You want to hire and manage your own workers and hire people you know 
    • You understand and are willing to accept the extra risks, responsibilities, and duties 

    Here are some questions to ask yourself. Then decide if self-direction is the right choice for you:

    • Am I ready to take control of my own life?
    • Am I ready to help develop and follow a support and spending plan?
    • Am I ready to be a boss, hiring and managing the people I choose to give me support?
    • Am I ready to follow and manage my budget account?
    Self-Direction Information
    More information on the Self-Direction Program.
    Path to Self Directed Services

    Self Direction is a choice for you to determine the services that best meet your needs and help you live a full and independent life.

    You  don’t have to do it alone. You will have as much or as little help as you need from a support broker, circle of support and a fiscal employer agent (FEA). It’s your choice. You will have an individualized budget, create a support and spending plan, hire workers, and buy goods and services that best meet your needs.

    Self Directed Services

    Guide to a Self-Directed Life

    The Guide to a Self-Directed Life training is a no-cost informative training offered by the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities at Health and Welfare for participants and their circle of supports to learn more about My Voice, My Choice, Idaho’s self-direction program. Participation in this training is a requirement of starting a self-direction plan and can be taken anytime during the application process. The training is held virtually, and participation requires registration. To sign up for the Guide to a Self-Directed Life training, contact your Regional Medicaid office at:

    Area Phone Email
    Region 1:  1-208-769-1567
    Region 2: 1-208-799-4430
    Region 3:  1-208-334-0940
    Region 4: 1-208-334-0940
    Region 5: 1-208-736-3024
    Region 6:   1-208-239-6260
    Region 7: 1-208-528-5750


    Hire a Support Broker

    You will hire a support broker to help you identify your needs and create a support and spending plan. The support broker can also help you with other duties such as finding and hiring community support workers and reviewing your monthly budget account report.

    To find a list of support brokers in your area, visit Support Broker List 

    Once you have chosen a support broker, fill out and submit a Plan Developer/Support Broker Choice Form. This form is submitted to the independent assessment provider.

    Fiscal Employer Agent

    You will need to sign up with a fiscal employer agent (FEA) to help you pay for your supports, services, and goods. The FEA will hold and issue payments from your budget. The FEA manages hiring paperwork and calculates and issues payment for taxes for community support workers. The FEA will keep track of the balance of your budget account and send a monthly statement.

    To choose a fiscal employer agent:

    Circle of Support

    You will pick people who can help and encourage you. You will have a person-centered planning (PCP) meeting, where your circle of support (COS) will help you identify your goals and needs.

    Community Support Worker (CSW)

    You will choose and hire the staff that you want to provide you services. Your support broker can help you if you need it.  You choose your CSWs and you can change them at any time. You set their schedule. You choose what supports they will provide for you.

    Support and Spending Plan

    With the help of your support broker and circle of support, you will create a plan that guides you to reach your goals. The plan lists the services, supports, and goods that you need. Below are instructions on how to complete a spending plan.

    Start by filling out a My Voice My Choice workbook: 

    Then fill out a Support and Spending Plan with your support broker: 

    Applying for services

    For more information on accessing or applying for these services, visit Apply for Developmental Disability Services.