Self-directed Services

My Voice, My Choice, Idaho’s self direction program, is an option under the Developmental Disabilities Waiver. This option gives you more choice and control over the Medicaid funds used to buy your services and supports. You choose the services and supports that fit your needs. You decide when and where you get services and supports. You hire the people you want to help you. You keep track of your Medicaid budget account.

    My Voice, My Choice

    My Choice, My Voice may be right for you if:

    • You are eligible for the Developmental Disabilities Waiver 
    • You want to have more choices and flexibility in your services and 
    • supports 
    • You want more control over how you spend your Medicaid budget account 
    • You want to hire and manage your own workers and hire people you know 
    • You understand and are willing to accept the extra risks, responsibilities, and duties 
    Path to Self Directed Services

    Self Direction is a choice for individuals to determine the services that best meet their needs and help them live a full and independent life.

    Individuals don’t have to do it alone. They will have as much or as little help as they need from a support broker, circle of support and a fiscal employer agent (FEA). It’s their choice. Individuals will have an individualized budget, create a support and spending plan, hire workers, and buy goods and services that best meet their needs.

    Self Directed Services

    Hire a Support Broker

    Individuals hire a Support Broker to help them identify their needs and create a support and spending plan. The Support Broker can help Individuals with other duties such as finding and hiring community support workers and reviewing their monthly budget account report.

    Circle of Support

    Individuals pick people who help and encourage them with the choices they make. In the Individual’s person-centered planning process, the Circle of Support helps them identify their goals and needs.

    Support and Spending Plan

    Individuals with help from their support broker and circle of support create a plan that guides them to reach their goals. The plan lists all of the services, supports and goods they need. Below are instructions to how to complete a spending plan. 

    Instruction Manual

    Fill out a Support and Spending Plan with your Support Broker:

    My Support and Spending Plan

    Fiscal Employer Agent

    Individuals sign up with a FEA to help them pay for their supports, services, and goods. The FEA will take care of the government paper work and pay taxes related to hiring support workers. The FEA will keep track of the dollars in the Individual budget account and send a monthly statement.

    Individualized Budget

    Individuated Budgets are set for the individuals based on the approved Support and Spending plan. Once approved, individuals will use their annual budget based on the plan they developed.  This plan and budget will need to be renewed annually.