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Children's Developmental Disability (DD) Services

Children who are Medicaid eligible and have a developmental disability may qualify to receive home and community-based services through the Children's Developmental Disabilities (DD) Services Program.

The Children’s DD Services Program is a system of care that has a wide array of benefits for children based on the individual needs of the child and include interventions, supports and collaboration services. The system emphasizes evidence-based treatment methods, community integration, and family empowerment. 

Children’s DD services can be delivered via two pathways – the Traditional Pathway or the Family-Directed Pathway.


Traditional Services:
  • Respite
  • Habilitative Supports
  • Family Education
  • Habilitative Intervention & Evaluation
  • Family Training
  • Therapeutic Consultation
  • Interdisciplinary Training
  • Crisis Intervention and Supports
Family-Directed Services:
  • Allows parents to choose, design, and direct services outside of the traditional menu of services within set parameters
  • Support Broker - families hire (or act as) a support broker to develop & manage services
  • Fiscal Employer Agent - handles the financial considerations

Traditional Model - Families who choose to access services through the traditional model will receive services from DD agencies who are paid for providing defined Medicaid benefits.

Family-Directed Services Model - Families who choose to access services through the family-directed services model will continue to receive services and supports defined by the family from persons and businesses of their choice. 

Some children are also able to receive certain services at school. Learn more about School-Based Services.

If a child (up to the age of 21), needs medically necessary services that exceed the limitations of the Medicaid State Plan, Idaho Medicaid can approve the additional services through the Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) benefit. Learn more about the EPSDT benefit (includes application).


Children's DD Services Enhancement Project


What's New

If your family is new to the DD program, we welcome you, and invite you to browse through our website to answer any questions you may have regarding benefits and services available to you. We have also updated our Application Packet for services. Our developmental disability agency and independent provider lists are also updated quarterly so that families can have the most current information available regarding providers who are offering needed services in their area.

If you have questions regarding the status of your DD application, please contact central intake at 1-877-333-9681. You may also email any other questions to the DD Services team directly at  

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