Family Directed Support Services

 Are you looking for Children's Habilitative Intervention Services or Traditional Support Services?

The Family Directed Support Services (FDS) option offers parents of children with developmental disabilities more choice and flexibility in purchasing the services and supports their children need.



In the Family-Directed Supports option, a child determined eligible for services will be assigned an individualized budget based on their child’s strengths and assessed needs. Using this individualized budget, a family can plan a year of supports, therapy, services and goods to enable their child to live a full and inclusive life. The flexibility in this model allows parents to choose, design and direct services outside of the traditional menu of services.

For example, families would be able to contract with non-traditional providers or with traditional service providers that have the skills and experience desired by the family. This pathway allows for creative and innovative ways to access services that the traditional pathway does not, while still maintaining accountability required by federal authorities.

The Family-Directed Supports pathway is designed for families who want a more hands-on and flexible approach in determining the types of services and supports their children receive and more control over who provides them.


By choosing family-directed services, families can:

  • Hire people they know and decide the qualifications they want to require
  • Decide how much to pay for services and supports
  • Supervise and direct their child’s support workers
  • Decide when and where their child will receive services and supports
  • Manage their child’s individual budget

When families choose to family direct, they must:

  • Agree to the principles of self-direction
  • Be part of a family-centered planning meeting and help write their child’s plan
  • Review timesheets and invoices to ensure services are delivered according to the plan
  • Write, sign and follow employee agreements
  • Work with a Fiscal Employer Agent to help keep track of their child’s budget
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