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Effective February 1, 2016, Idaho Medicaid is restructuring the Healthy Connections and Health Home Programs to incentivize Primary Care Providers to expand the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care. The goal of these changes is to:

  • Improve access to care
  • Improve care coordination
  • Encourage patients to be involved in their healthcare decisions
  • Improve overall health outcomes
The Healthy Connections Primary Care Program is team-based health care led by your primary care physician and most importantly you! You and your team will work together to: 

  • Address all your health care needs
  • Improve the quality of your health care and overall well-being
  • Make sure you get appointments with your health care team quickly

When you join the Healthy Connections Primary Care program, you form a partnership with your Primary Care Provider (PCP). You will want to:

  • Establish care timely with your PCP to discuss preventive and other health care needs
  • Make sure you go to your annual wellness visits and recommended screenings
  • Tell your PCP about any medical services you need or have received, such as emergency room visits and behavioral health services
  • Report any changes in your health to your PCP
  • Refer to the Idaho Health Plan booklet for coverage and referral requirements
  • Contact Healthy Connections for assistance or to change from one PCP to another at 1 (888) 528-5861
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Healthy Connections Regional Contacts

Healthy Connections Consolidated Unit
Phone 1 (888) 528-5861
Fax 1 (888) 532-0014

Health & Welfare Self Reliance - Benefits

Treasure Valley Processing Center
(208) 334-6700 or 1 (877) 456-1233

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