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Welcome to Self-Direction

My Voice, My Choice, Idaho’s self direction program, is an option under the Developmental Disabilities Waiver. This option gives you more choice and control over the Medicaid funds used to buy your services and supports. You choose the services and supports that fit your needs. You decide when and where you get services and supports. You hire the people you want to help you. You keep track of your Medicaid budget account. My Choice, My Voice may be right for you if:

  • You are eligible for the Developmental Disabilities Waiver 
  • You want to have more choices and flexibility in your services and 
  • supports 
  • You want more control over how you spend your Medicaid budget account 
  • You want to hire and manage your own workers and hire people you know 
  • You understand and are willing to accept the extra risks, responsibilities, and duties 

Here are some questions to ask yourself then decide if Self Direction is the right choice for you:

  • Am I ready to take control of my own life?
  • Am I ready to help develop and follow a support and spending plan?
  • Am I ready to be a boss, hiring and managing the people I choose to give me support?
  • Am I ready to follow and manage my budget account?

For more information please contact your regional Medicaid office or call: 
(866) 702-5212.

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