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The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is always looking for excellent talent and emerging leaders to join our team. As Idaho’s largest state agency, we have a variety of positions within our department, including jobs in IT, healthcare, customer service, social work, business, and science.  We have a position for almost every career field.

Select a career field below for job opportunities in that field at DHW

Administrative and customer service

DHW has various opportunities for individuals to work in customer services and administrative positions to help support Idahoans. To see what opportunities are offered in our Divisions, visit the DHW Careers page.

  • Administrative Assistants
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Data Coordinators
  • Financial Technicians
  • Management Assistants
  • Office Services Supervisors
  • Office Specialists
  • Patient Accounts Specialists
  • Program Coordinators
  • Receptionists
  • Records Technicians
  • Self-Reliance Representatives
  • Technical Records Specialists
Business and management

The following positions can be found throughout our Department. Almost all of our Divisions have business and management opportunities. To see what opportunities are offered in our Divisions, visit the DHW Careers page.

  • Business Analysts
  • Financial Support Technicians
  • Financial Specialists
  • Fraud Investigators
  • Grants/Contracts Officers
  • Human Resource Specialists
  • Management Analysts
  • Medicaid Utilization Review Analysts
  • Programs Bureau Chiefs
  • Program Managers
  • Program Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Research Analysts
  • Technical Writers
  • Training Specialists
Child welfare social workers
A mother and father sit with their daughter and baby

Strengthening Families...Strengthening Communities

Our Child Welfare Social Worker 1 & 2 positions provide professional child welfare social work services to children and families who are subjects of child abuse or neglect cases, and have decision making authority for developing appropriate case/treatment plans for child safety, permanency and well being. They deliver or provide direct services to children and families, and must work effectively with individuals and families under stressful and difficult circumstances, with persons from diverse backgrounds. They recruit for and cultivate foster parents for child placements.

Applicants must be currently licensed as a Social Worker in Idaho to qualify. Licensure information can be found through the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licensing.

Child Welfare Social Worker 1

This is the first of a six-level Child Welfare job series. This Child Welfare Social Worker level is designated for persons with general social work qualifications who have no prior child welfare experience. Incumbents serve a nine-month probationary period and participate in the Child Welfare Academy in order to learn Idaho Child Welfare practices and standards and complete Child Welfare Academy assignments. During the nine-month probationary period, incumbents carry a reduced child welfare caseload under the guidance of child welfare supervisors or designated experienced child welfare social workers to gain knowledge and expertise necessary to provide professional child welfare social work services to children and families who are subjects of child abuse or neglect.


  • Licensure as a Social Worker in Idaho in accordance with Idaho Code 54-3201 et.seq. Requires a degree in Social Work.
  • Valid Driver’s License. 
Child Welfare Social Worker 2

This is the second of a six-level Child Welfare job series. These positions are considered full journeyman or professional level Child Welfare Social Workers and incumbents carry a full caseload. Incumbents work on child abuse or neglect cases and have decision making authority for developing appropriate case/treatment plans for child safety, permanency and well-being. They deliver or provide direct services to children and families and must work effectively with individuals and families under stress and difficult circumstances and with persons from diverse backgrounds. They recruit for and cultivate foster parents for child placements. Incumbents receive guidance and mentoring from a Child Welfare Social Worker 3 on more difficult cases. Incumbents in these positions provide emergency, crisis intervention, and after hours on-call services.


  • Licensure as a Social Worker in Idaho in accordance with Idaho Code 54-3201et.seq.
  • Two years of experience in a public child welfare system or child welfare agency and completion of the Child Welfare Academy within the first year of appointment; OR Master of Social Work degree and completion of the Child Welfare Academy within the first year of appointment.
  • Valid driver’s license.
Scholars Program - Tuition Reimbursement

The Idaho Child Welfare Scholars program exists through a partnership between the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW) and the universities and colleges that serve Idaho students. The program provides tuition reimbursement to promising bachelor's and master's level social work students who are committed to practicing social work in Idaho in the field of child welfare. Title IV-E of the Social Security Act provides funding for these stipends. The primary goal of the program is to prepare competent social workers in the areas of foster care and adoption for career positions with IDHW, Child and Family Services (CFS).

Students accepted into the Child Welfare Scholars program are placed in public or private child welfare agencies in Idaho for their field practicum and have access to a variety of child welfare training opportunities and resources. The Scholars stipend program is available for both current and potential Health and Welfare employees. Recruitment of potential employees and retention of current employees are central to the purpose of the program.

Scholars Program Eligibility

  • Child Welfare Scholar applicants are selected from those admitted to a BSW/MSW program at Eastern Washington University, Boise State University, Idaho State University, Lewis-Clark State College, or Northwest Nazarene University.
  • Demonstrate a desire to pursue a career in child welfare or be a full-time employee with CFS for one continuous year.
  • Agree to the educational requirements of the Scholars program and remain in good academic standing.
  • Have a confirmed field placement in an approved child welfare setting.
  • Commit to work for CFS for a designated period of time after graduation to complete the requirements of the Child Welfare Scholars program.
  • Understand fully that the stipend must be repaid if program commitments are not met.
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or a qualified alien, which can include a permanent resident, granted asylum under Section 208, and a refugee under Section 207.
  • Submit to and pass a criminal background check.

If you are interested in an internship, check with your local university for opportunities.

Still have questions? Contact us at DHWJobs@dhw.idaho.gov


DHW has various opportunities for individuals interested in the Healthcare field. You can find various healthcare workers throughout our Divisions. To see what opportunities are offered in our Divisions and institutions (State Hospital South, State Hospital West, State Hospital North, and Southwest Idaho Treatment Center), visit the DHW Careers page.

  • Developmental Disabilities Technicians
  • Developmental Specialists
  • Dietary Aides
  • Health Facility Surveyors (RN, LSW, QIDP, RD)
  • Health Information Specialists
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN)
  • Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  • Occupational Therapists (OT)
  • Pharmacists
  • Physician Assistants (PA)
  • Physical Therapists (PT)
  • Physicians
  • Psychiatric Technicians
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Registered Nurses (RN)
  • Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP)
  • Therapeutic Recreation Specialists
  • Therapy Technicians
Physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner

Join Idaho's leader in health and human services. Enjoy meaningful work in a professional, challenging, and rewarding atmosphere, with a work-life balance that is hard to come by in today's world. Some of our positions offer loan repayment and relocation assistance in addition to our other numerous competitive benefits.

“We have enough prescribers on staff so I can take time off when needed to spend time with my family & pursue outside interests.” J’Dee Wilson, MD, State Hospital South

We offer opportunities for Psychiatrists, Medical Physicians, and Psychologists at our State Hospital South (Blackfoot), State Hospital North (Orofino), and State Hospital West (Nampa).

  • Lead a multi-disciplinary treatment team
  • Develop psychiatric diagnostic evaluations
  • Review and monitor clinical staff records
  • Provide staff training on psychiatric diagnosis & treatment to non-physicians
  • Provide consultation to other primary providers
  • May provide psychiatric consultation to community physicians & agencies
  • Serve on various hospital committees
  • Provide authoritative psychiatric opinion on various issues
Medical Physician
  • Provide medical direction for units and staff
  • Perform medical diagnostic and treatment evaluations
  • Develop, monitor, and review medical policies
  • Advise staff on medical issues and referrals
  • Direct medical teaching rounds and provide in-services
  • Assessment
  • Interview patients and administer diagnostic tests and interpret psychological assessment instruments
  • Formulate diagnosis and provide therapeutic intervention in unusual and atypical cases
  • Clinical Services/Therapy
  • Develop discipline goals and objectives
  • May provide individual, family, or group therapy
  • Design and implement behavior modification programs
  • Work as part of an interdisciplinary team composed of physicians, psychologists, nursing and other healthcare staff to provide comprehensive medical and counseling services to patients
  • Provide expertise to staff in developing treatment plans and in utilizing innovative treatment techniques and assessments
  • Consultation
  • Collaborate with physicians and other healthcare staff to develop and implement treatment and intervention programs
Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant
  • To provide direct client care for youth and adolescents
  • Assessing, diagnosing, planning
  • Prescribing pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments, therapeutic and corrective measures
  • Health promotion and preventive care
  • Participate in a multi-disciplinary Treatment Team

Interested in one of these positions and don't see it listed as a job opening?  Contact Lisa Lockard at 208-332-7206 or Lisa.Lockard@dhw.idaho.gov.


If you’re passionate about quality patient care and being able to make a difference for Idaho citizens, we invite you to consider a career with DHW.  In addition to providing meaningful work, nurses have the opportunity to work in different facets of the department and with various client/patient populations and programs. To see what opportunities are offered in our Divisions, visit the DHW Careers page.

Opportunities may include:

  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Registered Nurse, Senior (RN)
  • Nurse Manager (RN)
  • Health Facility Surveyor (RN)
  • Health Program Specialist (LPN or RN)
  • Health Program Manager (LPN or RN)
  • Clinical Specialist - Nurse Practitioner (NP)


Information technology

The Division of Information Technology provides office automation, information processing, and local, wide area, unified communications and internet connectivity for the department statewide. The division provides leadership and direction in the use of information technology to support our mission to promote the social, economic, mental, and physical health of Idahoans.

  • Database Administration Analysts 
  • Software Engineers 
  • Operations & Support Senior Technicians 
  • Infrastructure Engineers 
  • Information Security Engineers 
  • Operations & Support Analysts 
  • IT Manager
Maintenance and facilities

DHW has various opportunities for maintenance and facilities positions due to having numerous locations throughout the state. 

  • Building Facility Foremen
  • Custodians
  • Electricians
  • HVAC Specialists
  • Landscape Technicians
  • Maintenance Craftsmen
  • Physical Plant Directors
  • Security Officers
  • Storekeepers
  • Supply Operations Supervisors
Public health and sciences

There are a lot of opportunities with DHW for those interested in Science and Public Health. To see what opportunities are offered in our Divisions, visit the DHW Careers page.

  • Chemists
  • Epidemiologists
  • EMS Communications Specialists
  • Health Education Specialists
  • Health Operations Field Coordinators
  • Health Program Specialists
  • Laboratory Inspectors
  • Laboratory Managers
  • Medical Program Specialists
  • Microbiologists
  • Nutrition Specialists
  • Planners
  • Scientists
  • Toxicologists
Social and human services

DHW has a lot of opportunities for those interested in the Social and Human Services field. To see what opportunities are offered in our Divisions, visit the DHW Careers page.

  • Child Welfare Social Workers (LSW, MSW)
  • Client Services Technicians
  • Clinical Supervisors
  • Clinicians
  • Community Resource Development Specialists
  • Healthy Connections Representatives
  • Human Services Program Specialists
  • Human Services Supervisors
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialists
  • Quality Improvement Directors
  • Resources and Services Navigators
  • Self-Reliance Specialists
  • Social Workers (LSW, MSW)