Strategic Planning

On this page, you will find our most recent Strategic Plan and Performance Measurement Report. 

By definition, strategic plans look forward. Our strategic plan certainly does that.

This year, we continue to strive to be leaders in the important work of shaping Idaho’s health and human services system and ensure its sustainability. 

It is extremely important to know we are making progress toward our vision. The Performance Measurement Report shows how we measure our progress, not just in accomplishing particular tasks, but also the impact of our efforts. 

I fully expect that, as we continue with this plan, we will be able to show a positive influence on Idaho’s health and human services system.  These measurements also will point out where we can improve. That’s the kind of information we need as we move toward realizing our vision, which will ultimately improve the health and safety of Idaho citizens.

Annual Strategic Plans
Our strategic goals and performance measures
Performance Measurement Reports
Report of performance measurements toward our strategic plan and vision