Many of our Divisions may have opportunities for internships. Most frequently, we have internships in Public Health and for Social Workers, see below for information about these possibilities. For all other internships, send your resume (word or PDF) along with what area(s) you are interested in doing an internship to

Social Worker Internships - Family and Community Services & Behavioral Health

Family and Community Services and the Division of Behavioral Health works with university social work programs to provide internships. These opportunities are posted with each universities social work programs.

Internships are typically with Children’s Mental Health, Adult Mental Health, Court and Crisis Team, or Access Team. Interns can gain experience with government agencies, court systems, crisis cases, counseling, risk assessment and case management, Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, policies, intake, and more. Interns may collaborate with DHW employees, police, courts, families, and community agencies.

Internships are filled on an as-needed basis.  

For more information, contact

Public Health Internships

Internships in the Division of Public Health provide opportunities for students to learn about public health and public health careers, and to expose students and new graduates to public health practice.

Students may be given opportunity to:

  • Carry out an independent project demonstrating the application of knowledge and skills to current public health practice.
  •  Apply classroom learning and gain hands-on experience inside a public health work environment.
  • Develop contacts within the field of public health.
  • Develop goals for personal and professional growth with the understanding that professional development is a continuous process.
  • Work with an intern supervisor who can serve as a role model and mentor. All internships opportunities are unpaid unless otherwise noted.

Internships may be available to undergraduates, graduate, and post-graduate students enrolled at any college or university.

Placements and Academic Requirements

Public Health will typically place students during the fall, spring, and summer semester or term, although immediate opportunities may become available that do not align with the beginning of semesters or terms. Since the academic requirements of participating institutions of higher education may vary, each student should consult with his or her college advisor or Internship Director and arrange for specific academic requirements and credits to be awarded for participation in the program. If selected, students should work out specific hours directly with the Public Health intern supervisor.

Opportunities may exist to work onsite, offsite, or a combination of both depending upon the nature of the internship.


Those interested in applying may complete an application and submit a resume and relevant coursework (as a Word or PDF) along with their areas of interest to

Students are encouraged to review the programs found under Health and Wellness on DHW's homepage for information on their programs and services to help identify public health areas of interest to identify in their submitted materials. It is recommended that potential interns submit their materials at least 60 days before the semester begins.