Resources for Lawmakers

Idaho state lawmakers set the budget and policy direction for the Department of Health and Welfare (DHW). This page contains resources to support lawmakers as they evaluate programs across DHW’s eight divisions. 

DHW Resources

Cover of the 2024 Facts Figures and Trends book featuring a family hiking in the hills
A reference book about the department
Cover of 2024 Idaho Medicaid Overview
An overview of Medicaid in 2024
Federal Funds Inventory 2024 cover
Document describing all Federal grants awarded to DHW
Cover for IBHPC 2023 annual report
Idaho Behavioral Health Planning Council report to the Governor, Legislature, and Judiciary
Front page of the January 2024 Legislative Update
Monthly updates provided to lawmakers on current events within DHW
Cropped cover of 2024-2028 Strategic Plan
DHW's 5-year plans outlining how we will support Idahoans
DHW 2021 Annual Report cover
One-year snapshots into our achievements
Cover of 2023 Medicaid Budget Overview
An overview of the Medicaid budget in 2023