EYC Conference promotes networking and strengthening of early childhood partnerships, programs, and initiatives, and the benefits of early intervention services.

Infant Toddler Coordinating Council

The Infant Toddler Coordinating Council meets four times a year to discuss and implement methods that support the IDEA, Part C and Idaho Statute Title 16. Their mission is to advise, assist, and collaborate to build capacity within families through the provision of quality early intervention services.

Additionally, the vision of the Infant Toddler Program is supported in meeting the individualized needs of children 0-3 and in empowering their families to maximize their growth and development.

A girl in a denim jumpsuit blows soap bubbles in the summer in a field at sunset.
Infant Toddler Coordinating Council (ITCC)
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Regional Early Childhood Committees (RECCs)

The mission of the Regional Early Childhood Committees (RECC) is to advise and assist the Idaho Infant Toddler Program in the implementation of the early intervention system. Provide information on early childhood development. Coordinate and collaborate with community partners to support at-risk young children and children with delays or disabilities.

Preschool child hugging and kissing his sweet toddler baby brother holding his bunny.
Regional Early Childhood Committees (RECCs)
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