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About the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)

BRFSS is an ongoing health survey of adults in Idaho which includes information about health behaviors, chronic disease prevalence and health care access issues.


BRFSS Annual Reports

NEW! 2016 BRFSS Annual Report








BRFSS Dynamic Reports

Crude Data Report (Coming Soon)

This report provides risk factor prevalence estimates for the Idaho adult population in a given survey year. These data are useful for determining the number or proportion of a population affected by various health risk factors.


Age-Adjusted Data Reports (Coming Soon)

This report presents prevalence estimates that are age-adjusted using the 2000 US Standard Population. Age-adjustment removes the impact of age variations across years and geographical regions. These data are useful for providing a consistent basis for evaluating the impact of health interventions across several years of data.

InstantAtlas Dynamic Reports: A User’s Guide

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